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Icy Rhodedendron

Ice on Rhodedendon in Black Moshannon State Park · Photo by Laura Piraino

Wood Frog · Award winning nature photography by Helena Kotala

Tytoona Cave

Tytoona Cave, Blair County · Photo by Helena Kotala


Dragonfly · Photo by Helena Kotala

Creekside Trees in Spring Creek Canyon

Creekside trees at Spring Creek Canyon · Photo by Spring Creek Canyon Alliance

monarch butterfly on goldenrod

Monarch butterfly on goldenrod · Photo by Helena Kotala

Outing on the West Branch Susquehanna

Outing on the West Branch of the Susquehanna · Photo by Gary Thornbloom

Rickett's Glen

Rickett’s Glen · Photo by Helena Kotala

Timber rattlesnake from an On The Trail hike in the Quehanna area · Photo by Gary Thornbloom

Painting trail blazes as service

Service outing along the Mid State Trail · Photo by Gary Thornbloom

tree swallow

Tree swallow · Photo by Helena Kotala

luna moth

Luna moth · Award-winning photography by Helena Kotala

Marcellus (Deep) Shale Gas Drilling

This is a list of available resources on our site — audio, video, PDF files and selected editorials and articles from various sources.

If you have any articles or links you found especially helpful, please contact the webmaster for them to be considered for this list.

Marcellus (Deep) Shale Gas Drilling 101

Articles and Editorials


Goverment, Legislative, and Regulatory Agencies

Audio and Video Presentations

Shale Promises or Shale Spin? The Economics Behind Fracking
by Deborah Rogers

Deborah Rogers: Economics of Fracking (full talk) from Shaleshock Media on Vimeo.

This is Deborah Rogers full talk, given in Binghamton, Jan 19 2012, Shale Promises, or Shale Spin? The Economics Behind Fracking

Development of Natural Gas from Shales: Some Myths and Realities by Professor Anthony Ingraffea (State College, PA, May 10, 2011)

Available on the Moshannon Group Channel on YouTube. Also available on DVD with the audience Q&A from the Moshannon Group. To receive a copy of this presentation on DVD by mail, send a check for $3 (or more, if you would like to help us distribute more of these DVDs) made out to “Sierra Club Moshannon Group”. Mail your request to Gary Thornbloom, 702 Hall Road, Julian, PA 16844.

Engelder–Ingraffea Debate (Laporte, PA, Jan 14, 2011)

Audio for Engelder–Ingraffea Debate at the Sullivan County High School courtesy of Bill Houston’s Blog. Professor Terry Engelder (Penn State) and Professor Anthony Ingraffea (Cornell) present two viewpoints on hydraulic fracturing technology used in deep shale formations.

Earthworks People’s Oil & Gas Summit (Pittsburgh, PA, Nov 2010)

Excerpts from this two-day conference that provided a comprehensive overview of what is known about the industry, its practices, hydraulic fracturing and support facilities needed to transport coal-bed methane and shale gas to market, its impacts on people, communities and the environment, and tools for an informed citizenry.

The Marcellus Shale Gas Play: Information for an Informed Citizenry
Professor Anthony Ingraffea, Cornell University

In this three-part video recorded in Vestal, NY on March 31, 2010, Professor Anthony Ingraffea speaks about the technology and impacts of deep shale drilling in the Marcellus (provided by Essential Dissent, 2010).

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  1. The Marcellus Shale Gas Play: Information for an Informed Citizenry (part 1)
  2. The Marcellus Shale Gas Play: Information for an Informed Citizenry (part 2)
  3. The Marcellus Shale Gas Play: Information for an Informed Citizenry (part 3)

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