2010 National Peoples Oil and Gas Summit Report
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November 19–20, 2010 • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Panel 6 - Citizen monitoring efforts
Sat Lunch Keynote Wes Wilson
Panel 7 - Emerging NG, energy issues

Welcome and Introductions

Introductions by Nadia Steinzor, Marcellus Organizer, Earthworks OGAP

Welcome (16:30)
Doug Shields, Pittsburgh City Councilman

Opening Remarks (13:20)
Gwen Lachelt, Director, Earthworks OGAP

Summit Overview (13:25)
Jim Fitzgerald, Summit Facilitator

Panel 1:
Health impacts from drilling, fracking, waste pits and gas production

Panelists share real-life stories of health impacts being felt by citizens living with gas development, information on drilling and fracking chemicals known to have health impacts, as well as approaches for surveying community health impacts.

Facilitator: Sharon Wilson, Earthworks Texas OGAP (3:30)

Speaker length slides Add'l Info
John Fenton Health impacts in Pavillion, WY 14:49 PDF  
Lisa Parr Health impacts in Barnett Shale, TX 16:34 PDF  
Wilma Subra Health surveys from TX and WY 13:31 PDF  
Dr. Theo Colborn
(presented by Wes Wilson)
Chemicals and health impacts 16:51 PDF The Endocrine Disruption Exchange (TEDX)
Post presentation Q&A for Panel 1 13:09  

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Panel 2:
Community socioeconomic impacts of natural gas development

This session will include information on the range of socioeconomic impacts and benefits that have been felt in communities already affected by natural gas drilling and production, as well as strategies that can be taken to reduce socioeconomic impacts in communities.

Facilitator: Kari Matsko, Northeast Ohio Gas Accountability Project (3:21)

Speaker length slides Add'l Info
Stephanie Hallowich Hickory, Pennsylvania 15:14 PDF  
Jill Morrison Powder River Basin Resource Council, WY 14:56 PDF Powder River Basin Resource Council
Jannette Barth, PhD. Economist 17:57 PDF  
Chris Mehl Headwaters Economics 17:53 PDF Headwaters Economics
Post presentation Q&A for Panel 2 16:45  

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Lunch Keynote (32:35)
Jeanne Shenandoah, Onondaga Nation, and Joseph Heath, General Counsel for the Onondaga NationHeath PDF

Panel 3:
Strategies for reducing community and environmental impacts

This panel will discuss approaches for protecting communities, watersheds and wildlands from the harmful impacts related to gas development.

Facilitator: Gwen Lachelt, Earthworks Oil and Gas Accountability Project

Speaker length slides Add'l Info
Ben Price Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, PA 17:44    
Wes Gillingham Catskill Mountain Keeper, NY 17:46    
Erik Schlenker-Goodrich Western Environmental Law Center, NM 18:03    
Jordan Yeager Nockamixon Township, PA 16:17 PDF zoning map
Josh Joswick San Juan Citizens Alliance, CO 14:01    
Helen Slottje Tompkins County, NY 13:58    
Post presentation Q&A for Panel 3 17:50  

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Panel 4:
When the landman comes knocking — Strategic options for individuals and communities

This panel will address some of the options available to landowners and mineral owners related to leasing, surface use agreements, pipelines and forced pooling.

Facilitator: Bruce Baizel, EARTHWORKS (3:34)

Speaker length slides Add'l Info
Ellen Harrison FLEASED 13:36 PDF  
Terry Fitzgerald Colorado landowner 10:51    
David McMahon WV Surface Owners’ Rights Organization 14:08 PDF  
Deborah Goldberg Earthjustice 14:15 PDF  
Post Presentation Q&A Panel 4 20:44  

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Dinner Keynote (41:48)
Lois Gibbs, Center for Health and Environmental Justice (CHEJ)

Panel 5:
Web-based tools for information sharing and documentation

These panelists will provide information on some web-based tools for sharing information and data, as well as innovative ways to present and package information.

Facilitator: Alan Septoff, EARTHWORKS

Speaker length slides
John Amos Skytruth “The view from above” 18:37 PDF
Samantha Malone and Chuck Christen FracTracker Center for Healthy Environment and Communities, University of Pittsburgh 14:27 PDF
Chris Csikszentmihalyi extrAct Tools Center for Future Civic Media, MIT 18:28 PDF
Post Presentation Q&A Panel 5 19:32  

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Compilation Notes: Background information extracted from the Earthworks People's Oil and Gas Summit Agenda. PDF of PowerPoints provided by the speakers at the Earthworks OGAP website. Audio recorded at the summit by TechieR. Originators of materials reserve all rights under International Copyright Law. This site is intended for educational and research purposes only.