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Seven Simple Steps to Take to Make Marcellus Shale Gas Safer

  1. Join the Sierra Club, if you are not already a member. Please provide us your contact information and email address through our “Join” link.
  2. Write to Gov. elect Corbett to express your concern about the lack of comprehensive environmental protection and safety rules to correct gas drilling problems, citing a recent news article about an environmental accident. Follow this link for the contact form: www.tomcorbettforgovernor.com/contact/
  3. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper on one of the Marcellus issues to express your concern about what is happening and what should be done. Our Marcellus resource page has additional information about natural gas drilling and information which may be useful for reference in writing your letter.
  4. Write your state Senator and Representative reminding them that they failed to enact a natural gas severance tax as promised, and as a result, the state faces a bigger budget shortfall than anticipated:
    Pennsylvania Senate
    Pennsylvania House
  5. Ask to be added one of the gas drilling listservs to receive recent news and alerts about Marcellus activities: ACTNET-FRAC-NEWS@lists.sierraclub.org, paccwinfogas@lists.democracyinaction.org
  6. Ask your Sierra Club group to start monitoring water quality in streams threatened by new drilling. (Call your group conservation chair for more info) Or join a local watershed or fishing group to monitoring team. Or organize a water team of your own, with the help of ALLARM at Dickinson College, 717-245-1135.
    If you don’t yet know your local Sierra Club Group, follow the link below and click your county on the map. This will lead you to your regional Group territory and to group contacts.
  7. See the movie GASLAND (DVD available Dec 14, 2010) and organize a GASLAND house party. Use it as an opportunity to meet other activists. To order a copy of the DVD or to check screenings, follow this link: www.gaslandthemovie.com/screenings